Chatting With The Dose Market’s Founder, April Francis

unnamed The Dose Market was a monthly retail event that drew a huge crowd to Chicago’s River East Arts Center for every single installment. It was filled with locally-made clothes, jewelry, art and much more; served food from a huge selection of vendors and offered up tons of libations. In short, it was the ¬†perfect way to spend one Sunday a month. But then the River East Arts Center closed and the market was, for a few months, without a home. Sunday September 21 marked the return of Dose, albeit in a different space (find it at 401 N. Morgan from here on out), a different lineup and a completely revamped schedule. I chatted with the founder of the market, April Francis, about what we can expect this time around and how one woman managed to create what has become one of the most important and influential players in Chicago’s retail scene. Read on for more info.

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