5 Reasons You Need Coconut Oil In Your Life


Are you tired of hearing about how wonderful coconut oil is yet? If so, I apologize.

I’ve recently incorporated coconut oil into both my beauty regimen and my cooking game and I have to say, I seem to discover a new way to use it on a weekly basis. It’s not rocket science but I’m always up for swapping life hacks and if you’re reading this now, you should probably know about these fabulous uses for everyone’s favorite miracle oil.

1.) Shaving cream: I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought shaving cream – I tend to just use conditioner or a creamy body wash when shaving my legs – and now I’m fairly certain I’ll never buy it again. I’ve been using a small amount of coconut oil to help the razor move smoothly over my legs when shaving. The results are incredible: I have fewer nicks than ever, razor burn is a thing of the part and (best of all) my legs love the oil’s moisturizing properties. It’s a truly a game changer and you only need a very small amount of oil for this to work.

2.) As makeup remover: Harsh makeup removers are overpriced and packed with chemicals. I recommend using a little bit on a cotton ball to completely take off your eye makeup. It works so well and leaves the skin around your eyes nice and soft – give it a try! I also love to use olive or Argan oil in the same way.

3.) In smoothies: A spoon of coconut oil gives any smoothie a nice subtle sweetness, a bit more bulk and a hit of healthy fats. Granted, it sounds super weird to add oil of any kind to a smoothie, but give this a try. Pro tip: Drink your smoothie right away. This is always the best approach to take but it’s especially important when you’re adding oil, which can settle in a weird way if the smoothie sits. Try blending sliced banana, almond or coconut milk, a handful of kale, some berries and coconut oil. Yum.

4.) In coffee: Yes, I’m well aware of how weird this sounds. I struggle with eating breakfast sometimes so I’ll often just opt for a latte in the AM, which isn’t the healthiest habit. One way to make coffee a bit more nutritious? Add a spoon of coconut oil, let it melt, mix well, drink. It adds a subtle flavor and gives your coffee a nice creamy consistency.

5.) In this delicious dessert: I’ve been loving a certain a dessert that involves tossing a sliced banana into a skillet with a little bit of coconut oil. The result is a delicious (and healthy!) dessert that could easily double as breakfast. Add some honey, maybe a dash of cinnamon – it’s divine. I’ll post the full recipe soon!


I like to buy a nice big tub of coconut oil and divide it up into small containers (because the last thing you want to do is cook with oil after using it on your legs.) Cocovit (pictured above) is a fabulous product that comes in the cutest packaging – you can buy it right here! 


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