A Jersey-Free Super Bowl


I’m no football fan but even I  think Super Bowl is a cause for excitement, mostly because wings/nachos/pizza/buffalo chicken dip (my personal favorite.)

Super Bowl Sunday is essentially the ultimate Sunday funday, so even those of us who don’t care much about the actual game can still find a way to enjoy the experience. And if you’re one of those people who just can’t get excited about the score, focus instead on putting together the perfect Super Bowl Sunday outfit. After all, your opportunities to look really freakin’ cute are limited in the winter (Uggs are never a good look but damn, they’re comfy) so why not take this chance and run with it? No pun intended.

In previous years, I’ve done one of two things on Super Bowl Sunday. The first is the more common choice: Throw on a sweatshirt pledging my allegiance to a certain team (in my case, The Steelers – Blackandyellow blackandyellow.) If they’re not playing, I’ll usually just wear jeans and a big comfy sweater. My parents threw a Super Bowl party a few years ago and I added a big black and gold hair bow to the aforementioned sweatshirt – but other than, I haven’t really used the Super Bowl as an excuse to have some fun with my outfit.

That changes this year. The timing couldn’t be more perfect – athletic influences have been huge in the fashion world for over a year now. Really, is there any more perfect opportunity to incorporate some of these than on Super Bowl Sunday? Here are a few of my favorite picks.

Letterman jackets: I’m obsessed with letterman jackets for a few reasons. They’re the easiest way to make an outfit look more interesting – seriously, try topping anything from jeans and a white tee to a simple black dress with one. They’re the sort of kitschy,  retro piece that just makes everyone look cooler. They’re also extremely comfortable; it almost feels like you’re just wearing a sweatshirt. Whether you want to wear a literal interpretation of the high school-era staple or a more feminine twist, this is the absolute ideal topper for Super Bowl sunday. Forever 21 has a ton of really cheap jackets – I happen to own this one, plus a red and blue version. This is a classic take on the trend, while the pale pink on this one makes it stand out. If you want that borrowed-from-my-boyfriend look, this is the way to go. If this trend is just not girly enough for you, opt for  this metallic version or a floral take. The latter will take you through the spring.

Tuxedo-stripe pants: Granted, the name of this style doesn’t exactly conjure images of men in football pads tackling each other, but if you do it right the tuxedo stripe can lend a really sporty edge. Get it on the cheap at Old Navy if you need a really easy piece to use as the foundation of your Super Bowl outfit. Then again, the stripe is super lengthening, so maybe you should just splurge on this pair and wear them all the time? Here’s a great happy medium.

Sweats: Yup. Somehow sweats became really stylish in the past few months. After seeing the creations from the likes of Alexander Wang, I don’t hate it. Obviously you shouldn’t just roll up in the tattered sweats you use for lounging. Pair these Diesels with a leather jacket or opt for a leather pant instead.

Wedge sneakers: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny that snedges are the perfect way to pay homage to the game in a way that’s still interesting and creative. This is the definitive sporty shoe. It’s also a comfortable shoe and one that will probably keep you from slipping on the icy streets. You already know I opted for a seriously cheap pair, but if you’re still a fan of the expensive Marants, get them now. The frenzy has died down a lot so they’re much cheaper.

Image via Polyvore

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