Brand Spotlight: Anjolee’s Classic Jewelry

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I’ve had jewelry on the brain for the last few months. Admittedly, I’ve always been more intrigued by designer shoes and purses and a little bit less interested in fine jewelry – but I can feel that slowly changing.


A few months ago, I was obsessing over the engagement ring that I knew was coming soon. When I finally got my ring back in May, I realized something: When it comes to jewelry, I like my pieces as classic and elegant as possible.

I would take a simple pair of studs over giant chandelier earrings any day. And even though I love a good statement necklace, I would rather go with a costume version. When I want to invest in fine jewelry, it has to be wearable, versatile and timeless.

That’s why I love Anjolee, a company that creates gorgeous, classy jewels at very reasonable price points. I love the brand’s diamond pendant selection, stud earrings and subtle (yet sparkly!) bangle bracelets.

I’m trying to put together looks for my wedding and as far as jewelry goes, Anjolee definitely stocks the sort of pieces I envision myself wearing – I am definitely eyeing this stunning wedding band!

What kind of fine jewelry do you love? If you find yourself drawn to the classics like I am, definitely check out Anjolee! It’s a fantastic place to find high-quality, eternal pieces that you can treasure forever.


A huge thank you to Anjolee for sponsoring this post!

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