Escape From Chiberia Day 2: The Road Trip


If you’re just tuning into my “Escape From Chiberia” series, welcome! Part 1 appears here. If you’ve already read that, let’s discuss my West Coast road trip, the journey from the bright lights of Vegas to the gluten free vegan juice cleanse that is LA.

We set out pretty early on Sunday morning and drove through lots of dessert before hitting LA. We broke up the drive and did the thing you absolutely must do when on the West Coast: stop at In n’ Out for some burgers and fries (animal style, of course!)

I’m pretty sure part of In n’ Out’s appeal comes from its novelty value – I can’t exactly grab food from there regularly, what with living in Chicago and all – but whatever it is, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there (in case that isn’t really obvious from the photo.)


Can we also talk about how I ate a burger three days in a row? That first was at Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR, the second at a cafe at the Bellagio (after I tried and failed to recreate my college days at The Bank) and the third was the winner – the In n’ Out burger you see me taking down above.

We were craving some good coastal oysters so once we hit Santa Monica we went to Blue Plate Oysterette and gorged on oysters, crab cakes, clam linguine and key lime pie (two thumbs up and so much better than my healthy version.) Overall this was a great meal – the restaurant is affiliated with another place right down the street called Blue Plate Taco. I went there back in November when I made an LA trip with my college girlfriends and would highly reccomend that restaurant as well for a fun, casual lunch with a group of friends.

Santa Monica is a really cool little beach town but there’s one strange thing about the area – it shuts down super early. we were done with dinner at around 11 and we had the hardest time finding a place to go after. It was a Sunday but it was also Saint Patrick’s Day weekend so I was surprised. That’s where day 2 ends – I decided to keep it casual and comfortable for the drive. I wore my black leather shorts (so comfy. Real leather makes all the difference in the world) with a plain white tee and my cage sandals. My trusty Tom Ford sunglasses rounded out the look (see what I did there? You know because they’re round?)


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