Good On Paper

Kate Spade and Sugar Paper LA Considering I spend the majority of my time “plugged in,” I’m really not one to begrudge technology and its consuming presence in our lives. Sure, people should spend more time communicating face-to-face and yeah, the digital revolution has all but killed off my first love (that would be the magazine industry) but it’s also brought some amazing new capabilities into our lives. I’m reminded of the positive changes technology is directly responsible every time I Skype with someone who lives across the world – the world feels smaller than ever now.

But with that being said, I will never stop loving actual tangible paper. I love the feeling of holding a book or magazine in my hands and a handwritten note trumps an email any day. I say why do we have to choose? Why ask someone if he or she is a “Kindle person” or an “old-fashioned book person?” Why can’t we all be a little bit of both?

I’ve recently been on a bit of a paper kick. It’s bad for the environment and all, but a good notebook or greeting card is just so charming. Being that paper is almost completely obsolete, it takes on a romantic quality when you see something taken off the screen and into your hands.

Maybe it was the recent article I ran with the girl who is making stationery stylish again or maybe it’s the fact that I’m finally taking control of my life (by making note of all my commitments in my perfect new agenda), but I’m feeling very inspired by paper these days. Click through for a look at some of my favorite pieces.


Kate Spade spiral desk calendar: Sure, you could just use your iCal, but isn’t this so much more fun? It’s also easier (for me, at least) to remember my appointments when I write them down. This beautiful book is the perfect motivation to do just that.

Kate Spade agenda IMG_0499 IMG_0502 IMG_0501


Sugar Paper LA notebook: I am obsessing over the color gold these days, which made this notebook the perfect choice. I carry this around so I have a place to jot down ideas as they come to me. Sugar Paper makes some incredible products (I need a reason to use these place cards, stat) but the downside of this number is the fact the gold stripes have already started to fade after a month.

Sugar Paper LA notebook IMG_0507 IMG_0508


Marco Fabiano notecards: I got these notecards years and years ago, along with matching hat boxes. The hat boxes make excellent decorative/storage pieces, but I haven’t used the notecards yet. I hope to stat writing more handwritten notes with them soon.

Beautiful fashion notecard IMG_0517 IMG_0513


Papyrus card: I saw this right around the time I started blogging and I had to get it for myself (I really did buy myself a card – judge me.) It makes a great inspiration piece. I keep right next to me in my “office” (which is my couch and the area around it) so it’s always there when I need a little encouragement.

IMG_0032 IMG_0518


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