How I’ll Be Eating My Fruit This Season

Fruit salad recipe

I’m not great about eating enough fruit.

It can be hard to remember to buy during grocery runs and when I’m craving something sweet (which is always) I would rather grab something chocolatey instead of say, an apple.

But I’ve found a way to think of fruit as a viable snack – it’s all about making the fruit a little bit salty. Changing up the flavor of the fruit is as easy as adding other flavors to it. I’ve been chopping up a big bowl of my favorite fruits and adding lots of lime, salt and chill powder to them – it works like a charm and turns the fruit salad into, well, a salad. It’s something I can easily eat before lunch or between meals – I just make up a huge bowl and eat it for a few days. The mixture actually starts to taste a little bit better after a few days in the fridge, once the flavors really soak in there.

A lot of people find the concept of adding salt to fruit weird but I’ve actually been doing it to watermelon for a long time now – the salt actually intensifies the sweetness of the fruit. Lime juice gives it that super refreshing quality, making it a perfect summer snack (you could probably even eat this for lunch on a super hot day.) I’ve always heard that adding spice to food makes it more satiating. This fruit salad confirms that for me; the spice from the chill powder (cayenne would work too) makes the salad more filling than unseasoned fruit tends to be.

My favorite combination includes watermelon, honeydew and pineapple but this would work beautifully with any fruit like cantaloupe or mango as well. You can get creative and add arugula or cucumber to it as well.

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