It’s Too Cold To Wear A Dress On New Year’s Eve

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you? Don’t go to a bar this New Year’s Eve.

I can’t speak for everyone but paying $100 to go to an overhyped party where you’ll spend a few hours having drinks spilled on your brand new outfit, taking elbows to the the ribcage and clamoring for watered-down cocktails, only to leave at 2 am and spend over an hour trying to find a cab….that’s not my idea of a good time.

But then again, you don’t exactly want to ring in 2014 on your couch in a pair of sweats either. If you plan on venturing out for an NYE  celebration – either to a bar (I won’t hold it against you if you don’t take my advice) or a house party – you are going to want to stay warm if you live in a city like Chicago. Sadly, that may mean a cute little dress is out of the question.

I posted about some of my favorite holiday party looks recently. All these rules still apply but since NYE does fall at the very end of the holiday season, you may have already exhausted all your best party duds. And since you’re almost certainly going to have to fight off a gaggle of miniskirt-clad college girls to hail a cab on your way out, (even if you do forgo the bar option) you’re going to want to stay warm. So here it is: It’s okay to wear pants on New Year’s Eve. 

Just add tons of statement jewelry, a cute clutch and and perhaps a sequined top and you’re all set. Click through for some of my favorite pairs of festive pants. Oh, and someone please buy me the BCBG sequined sweatpants at the top of this post.


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