Last Minute Holiday Gift Inspiration

holiday_giftNeed some help dreaming up a (very) last minute holiday gift? Look no further.

If you’ve neglected a few people on your list you may be forced to resort to the dreaded drugstore gift – since most stores close early on Christmas Eve and stay shut through Christmas day, your local Walgreens might have to suffice for that one gift you forgot to buy. Luckily, you’re not completely doomed if this is your only option.

The trick to making a lackluster gift seem decent is in the presentation. Even if what’s inside the box isn’t great, a well-packaged gift makes it look like you put in some effort. My mom, the unofficial queen of all things pretty, is great at making something really simple seem elaborate and thoughtful. She threw this box together in a matter of minutes, so I figured I’d snap a few photos of it for some holiday gift inspiration. All it takes is a little ribbon, a plain hat box, a glue gun and a big fake flower – but feel free to us whatever you have on hand.

Stuff this box up with candy, nail polishes, small keepsakes, whatever. If you have a little more time, grab a stack of old magazines, cut out relevant phrases and pictures, and collage an old shoe box. I’ve done this a few times and it always goes over really well (especially since you can match the box to the recipient’s personality and likes.)  I’ll do a full post on the shoebox collage soon, but until then…enjoy this simplified version. Photos after the jump.


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