Making Statements, Causing Scenes In 2013


I didn’t start blogging here until the tail end of 2013, but STATEMENT/scene has already had a few highlights that I’m recaping today. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now – I actually have started a few for various classes in college and grad school, plus one  extremely neglected restaurant review blog. STATEMENT/scene is something I started because I needed an outlet that could essentially be a collection of my creative impulses. I work for a variety of clients, including newspapers, magazines, web sites and PR firms. It’s all lots of fun and exactly what I want to do for a living, but this blog is the only piece of work I have that is 100% mine. I can set everything from the tone of the site to its exact focus (which is lifestyle, though I hope to further define exactly what this blog is about in the coming year.)

So here’s a little bit of a year (or two and a half months; I just started blogging here in October) in review.

STATEMENT/scene’s birth: I wish I had some great anecdote about how I named this blog. The reality is that good domain names are extremely difficult to secure. I actually had a completely different name in mind, but after over a month of working to negotiate a price on that particular site name from its current owner, I decided to just go in another direction.

I initially wanted to name the site after a certain accessory that functions as a statement piece. That was something that really stood out to me – the idea of the statement piece. So when I decided to choose another domain, I knew that the word ‘statement’ should come into play. I was drawn to this word for a few reasons: one, because my own wardrobe is made up of statement pieces (see the spiked pumps that appear at the top of the page.)  I wear a lot of black, so I like pieces that add interest to my basics. Two, I’m primarily a writer, so I knew this blog had to be statement-heavy as opposed to photo-heavy. I plugged in a few other words that stood out to me and finally I found an available domain: I tried a few more combinations after that but in the end I decided that STATEMENT/scene was right. I like the juxtaposition between the two words – ‘statement’ feels big and bold, ‘scene’ feels ladylike and glamorous and a bit more demure. I want the site to always walk the line between daring and feminine. STATEMENT/scene just seemed to get that message across, especially since I capitalize the word ‘statement’ and leave ‘scene’ in lower-case letters.

Exciting moments: Joining Lucky magazine’s contributor network was definitely a high point. It’s not only exciting to be a part of a national magazine’s pool of bloggers, it’s also been amazing getting to interact with other members. The girls I’ve ‘met’ through this platform are so sweet and helpful. I feel like bloggers should never be in competition because blogging is so personal – every blog should be a reflection of its owner and completely unlike anyone else’s, so to compare blogs and pit them against each other is just silly. The Lucky girls really seem to understand that. I have another partnership in the works as well (more on that once everything is finalized!)

Honestly, every single interview I’ve done has been a high point as well. From locals like Coco Meers and Graham Elliot to national names like Robert Rodriguez and Alli Webb, interviewing incredible people has been my favorite part of this whole thing.


Let’s keep in touch: Follow me on social media and/or drop me an email! I’ve revamped a few of my existing profiles to reflect the blog. I also created an email address for the site.





Lucky mag:



My blogger goals for 2014:

  • Figure out the exact balance between style guides, recipes, interviews, existing feature series (like BYOB: Be Your Own Boss) and personal style photos – though I don’t see this blog ever being totally devoted to my outfit pictures. More power to the bloggers who post these everyday, though. You are all far more photogenic than I am.
  • Post more interviews and enlist some guest bloggers to contribute.
  • Blog more frequently
  • Perfect the layout
  • Secure more partnerships
  • Publish more original photos. And make sure they actually look good. Hopefully my recent holiday gift to myself, a Canon Rebel T3, will help with this.
  • Learn a thing or two about graphic design and include some original art on the site.
  • Continue to blog because I love it and never see it as a ticket to score free shit or get invited to parties or get Instafamous or whatever.
  • Stop being afraid to share the blog with friends and family. The hardest thing about being a blogger – for me, anyway – is putting it all out there. It’s tough to open yourself up to ridicule. I haven’t done nearly enough to promote this blog in my existing network. Hopefully it’ll become easier this year.
  • And of course, get more readers and hits. The blog brought in 44,828 hits from October 18 to the end of 2013. Let’s see how much I can grow that number in 2014!


Thanks for reading. I hope you have your happiest year yet.



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