Mint Condition

Mint green trend bloggerWell, I know what color I’ll be wearing this season (Hint: It’s the same color I wear everyseason. Second hint: I starts with a ‘B’ and rhymes with ‘crack’), but the sartorial powers that be have spoken. The color of Spring 2014 is…pastel.

Yup, pastel. As in not an actual color. As in, a group of colors. Does this mean the color of Fall ’14 will be ‘jewel tone?’ Will this summer’s color be ‘neon?’ (Sidenote: I hope not.)

That answer is a bit too vague and undefined for my taste – especially since ‘pastel’ is sort of the color scheme of every spring. I’m going to go over the fashion experts’ head on this one. I’ll narrow it down a bit and say that my color of spring 2014 will be mint green. Agree with me? Then shop some of my favorite mint green picks here. This first item you’ll see is currently hanging in my closet, just waiting for a chance to come out to play. It’s a great way for someone who doesn’t love the idea of wearing a pastel shade to incorporate some of this trend.


BCBG Malisa dress 14282350_121023235415 img-thing image1xl Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.11.07 PM hmprod

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