My Top Ten Nars Audacious Lipstick Shades


The Nars Audacious lipsticks have the most amazing formula.

I’ve been into lipstick for a while now but for a while it was all about the shades for me – that changed when I discovered this range. I watched an Audacious lipstick at my Sephora store and I just knew I had to have one a few of them. They’re just so smooth, pigmented, easy to use and even when applied. They last for a long time, they don’t feel uncomfortable…they’re just really great.

There are tons of shades in the range (it’s a little overwhelming honestly) so I’ve listed my top ten favorites. You really can’t go wrong with these but any of these ten shades will make your pout very happy. Shop any of the shades by clicking the name of the shade.

Grace: The most amazing blend of hot pink and red – I’ve never seen a color quite like this. It’s gorgeous!

Vanessa: A perfect nude – it has just enough mauve in it so that you won’t look washed out when wearing it.
Marissa: Such a pretty pink – it’s bright but not too bright.
Natalie: Like Marissa, this one gives a pop of color without being too bright.
Lana: I own this one and love it. It’s really bright but so flattering on warm skin tones.
Brigitte: The subtle hint of coral in this shade brightens up your whole face.


Barbara: I’m lusting after this one hard. It’s a beautiful nude….and I normally don’t even like nude shades.
Greta: This one is the first one I bought. You can see how it looks on me here.
Carmen: Because you can never go wrong with a classic red.
Anita: I own this one and love it when I want something that looks professional and mature.

Oh and if you can’t decide….you could always just go big and get the Nars Audacious vault. 

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