Product Review: Ginger + Liz Nail Polish in “Jeggings.”


Jeggings. Image via Ricky’s NYC. 

Nail polish and I have a shaky relationship. I actually didn’t even wear it until my junior year of college – I just never really saw the point. But after getting a mani for a wedding, I realized I’d been missing out: Nail polish has got to be one of the quickest ways to switch up your look and “make a statement” (see what I did there?) without much commitment. It’s fun and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. With that being said, I really think we should start being more mindful of the things that go into our personal care products. After all, we’re finally realizing that consuming chemical-laced food is harmful – we should start being as vigilant with the things that we use externally as well.

Ginger + Liz nail polishes are not only vegan-friendly, they’re also free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, camphor and resin, which are chemicals that still appear on the ingredient lists of some polishes. I ordered these online  in three shades: “Jeggings“, “Got My Grove Back,” and “Tough Luxe.” I think the names are cheeky and creative. They really help establish the brand, which feels modern and a little bit badass. There are so many beauty products out there that are all cutesy and feminine, and while I think that’s adorable and appropriate for the beauty industry, I also find it kind of cool that G+L sets itself apart.

I ripped right into “Jeggings” when these babies arrived in the mail. How did it stack up? Read on for my thoughts.

Overall: I tought the formula was strong and the color was awesome. It’s definitely a trendy shade but it achieves that trend factor without being over-the-top bright, which makes it a great pick for fall. I would recommend this product.


  • As mentioned above, this product is formulated without a bunch of harmful chemicals. Definitely a plus in my book.
  • The opacity was great. I only needed one coat for this to be totally solid and smooth.
  • The packaging – it’s way, way easier to store bottles with straight edges, since they can be lined up flat against one another. Round bottles are just not as space efficient (sorry, OPI.)
  • “Jeggings” is a really cool shade. It’s described as a “denim blue,” but I saw a bit of a gray undertone in there. It looked almost violet on my skin. I’ve been into mixed manis recently but this shade is edgy enough to work on its own.
  • The brush. Super thick and flexible. None of that annoying drag across the nails.
  • These polishes are $12 a pop, which is more than standard OPI polishes but less than an item from, say, Deborah Lippman. I think the price is really fair considering this is a high-quality product.
  • Removal was a DREAM. I hate taking off nail polish but this just slid right off. One remover-soaked cottom ball was enough for both hands!


  • Honestly for me the biggest drawback was the online ordering. I haven’t found these polishes anywhere in Chicago (if anyone out there knows where I can get them around here PLEASE let me know!) Shipping was around $6 and the package took about a week and a half to arrive. Luckily the color was true to what was shown on the company’s site.
  • The brush. Okay, I know I listed its width as a pro, but it was almost too thick for me. I have narrow nail beds and clumsy hands; the thick brush made application a little messy for me. Wasn’t a big deal, though. The out-of-the-lines color fell away when I washed my hands.
  • Longevity wasn’t great. I applied on Thursday and saw chips by Saturday. I did skip a top coat, so maybe it’s my own fault.

I was happy with this purchase. I think “Jeggings” is going to be a major player in my fall/winter polish game this year, and I also already tried another one of my shades last night and will be doing a product review of that soon. Spoiler alert: I liked the second one even more.


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