Product Review: Tatcha’s Polished Rice Enzyme Powder


Sometimes I feel like I lucked out in the skin department and sometimes I don’t.

I managed to make it through my teens without a single pimple and I feel pretty good about the way my complexion looks without any makeup. On the other hand, I have had my fair share of skin struggles. When I was growing up, I had awful eczema around my eyes and I can no longer say that I’ve never had an embarrassing zit (I got my first one at 25.) I’ve also always had very sensitive, allergy-prone skin, to the point that I can’t even use natural ingredients like coconut oil and honey topically.

Because of all the sensitivity, I avoid harsh products and gave up using a facial scrub altogether a few months ago. The result? My skin has definitely less irritated since….but it also lacked that radiant glow you get from regular exfoliation and all that dead skin build up made for more break outs than usual .

Enter Tatcha’s incredible rice powder-based exfoliant. I was sold on this when I heard that offers up the formula that Geisha’s famously used (who wouldn’t want Geisha skin?) Once I read more details and reviews of the product, I knew I had to give it a try. Granted, the price tag is tough to swallow ($65 for a single product) but in my opinion? This stuff is worth every penny.

I picked up the classic version of this product and so far, I haven’t experienced any sensitivity. I used it to exfoliate twice in one week and the results were immediate. In fact, my mom saw me after just two uses and commented on how much better my skin was looking. Using this product is simple (and fun!) You just work a little bit of the powder into a lather and work it onto a wet face in circular motions.

This stuff is gentle enough for daily use. I’ve been using it two or three times a week but will consider working up to daily use at some point – the best part is that it doubles as a cleanser. Honestly I can’t say much more about this exfoliant. Just buy it. You can get the classic formula, the sensitive version for a gentler exfoliation or the deep version for something a bit more powerful. And if the $65 price tag is just too much for you to handle, try this smaller size, which is just $15, first.





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