Product Review: YSL’s ‘Love and Lacquer Reds’ Set


If you’ve stopped by before you know I’m a big fan of Sephora’s value sets. Scoring multiple products for a lower price is almost never a bad idea. So you can imagine my surprise when I found myself sort of regretting my most recent value set purchase. It’s even more surprising when you consider that this set was by YSL, a brand that consistently knocks everything from clothing to accessories to makeup out of the park.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Right of the bat, the value of this set isn’t really the best. I spent $58 on the set, which is understandably steeper than the price tag you’ll find on a lot of other kits at Sephora – but then again, YSL is a much more luxurious brand than say, Tarte, is. You’re essentially getting three high-end products for around $20 each, which is a good deal by all accounts. But when you really break it down, you realize that this just can’t stack up to the stop-everything-and-buy-it-now deals you get on some of the other sets. For example, last year I got a Tarte Lipsurgence gift set, a collection of five full-size lip stains for $25. One of these amazing lip crayons goes for $24 and some of the shades in the set I got were limited-edition, so I was not only getting a huge monetary value, I was also scoring colors that aren’t normally available.

This set, on the other hand, is about the same as buying a full-size lip stain plus a YSL nail polish – those two products alone will run you $59, only a dollar less than  you’re spending on this set. Sure, you’re getting a mascara too, but not a full-sized one. The tube of this is tiny; I’ve actually scored it as a free gift twice. I feel like you’re almost better off just choosing one lip stain and one polish and spending that extra dollar, because at least you get to choose your own colors (let’s face it, we all have a red nail polish already.)

As for the products themselves…


The lip stain: The red was a big, bright classic shade. It would probably look pretty on a lot of skin tones…but I didn’t love the finish. Okay, so the gloss of it all is kind of the point. This is a glossy stain, after all. But I prefer a matte finish, especially in a red as sheen can make it look a little tacky. This lasted quite well, though, thanks to the stain property. The worst part about this stain is what it did to my lips, though. It was so drying that my lips were totally completely raw the next day. I almost feel like there was something in the formula that was just too harsh for them to handle, which is really a shame when you’re using a $34 dollar product

yslglossylipstainThe nail polish: Application of this wasn’t the easiest. The brush was very, very thick, which meant lots out of out-of-the-line smudges. Still, these fell away easily when  washed my hands. The color payoff is beautiful – smooth, thick and vibrant. The quality of this product is obvious.


The mascara: This my absolute favorite beauty product at the moment. The mascara pitch-black and so dramatic. I love it. Not only is the formula smooth, the brush is also incredibly flexible, which makes getting every lash a breeze. My verdict? Definitely buy this mascara….but maybe opt for the full-size instead of this “value” set.

Overall, this would be a nice gift for a friend, but if you’re looking for a set for yourself, maybe skip this one. But do yourself a favor and try out the Babydoll mascara. You can think me later.

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