Robert Rodriguez On The Power Of The White Shirt


Models in new looks from Robert Rodriguez

I had the pleasure of meeting contemporary designer Robert Rodriguez at an event held to showcase the brand new CUSP department at Michigan Avenue’s Neiman Marcus location. Rodriguez was a special guest at the event so naturally he was swarmed with people waiting to talk to him – but luckily I was able to snag a quick interview. Here’s how it went:

Statement Scene: What are some things that you think are going to be really big in the next few months?

Robert Rodriguez: In fashion? The white shirt in every which way, whether it be a shirtdress, an oversized shirt or a cropped shirt – shirting is very important.

SS: What’s your favorite piece in your current collection?

RR: In the Spring collection, the one I just launched, I love all my marble prints and I think one of my favorite pieces, again, is one of my white shirts that I have in the collection. I think it’s just a really great piece.

SS: Have you been in Chicago before this? 

RR: I was about 4 years ago, here at Neimans.

SS: What’s your take on style in Chicago or the way Chicagoans dress?

RR: I think it’s very…women here are very eclectic. It’s very much like New York. Very cool, very hip, very city-like.

SS: What are some pieces every woman should have in her closet?

RR: Of course the white shirt, a pair of leather jeans, a fur coat, a white tee shirt and a little black dress.


The takeaway from all this is, of course, that the white shirt is an essential. In need of a good one? Check out my picks below.


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