Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 1.41.42 PMThis is not exactly a newsflash to anyone but I am craving summer weather HARD.

I got a little fix of it during my recent trip to the West Coast but I’d be lying if I said that I’m not looking forward to warmer temps in Chicago…and let’s be be honest, wanting to wear dresses/shorts/rompers/skirts/wedges/tank tops/bathing suits is very much a part of the excitement.

I’ve got a closet packed with outfits that require a little sunlight but I do feel like I’m missing a good pair of summer sandals that I can wear on a day-to-day basis. I love the Miss Sixty cage sandals I ‘borrowed’ from my mom’s shoe closet and wore pretty much nonstop on my trip (see them here) but they ‘re black. Never a bad thing, especially not in my world, but summer is the one time I actually sort of succeed in wearing color and if there’s nothing else black in the outfit, I absolutely refuse to wear black shoes. It just looks so abrupt and poorly thought out – I much prefer the subtlety of nude sandals if I’m wearing, say, jeans and a white tee.

Another reason I’m in need of a new pair of sandals? Because nothing kills an outfit like a pair of rubber flip flops. Woof.

I’ve been scouring the Internet for good pairs of sandals and while I haven’t decided on a pair yet, I have found tons of good options. I prefer to get something in a shade of nude, tan, beige or gold but I’m open to suggestions (so drop me some in the comments?) Of course, there are a few pairs of brighter shoes that found their way on to this list as well. Simply click on the picture to purchase any of these.


Aldo Eling Sandals

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  • Nancy Sevilla

    Hey girl! I am loving these choices, especially the second and last shoe! I see that you are in the CBN network, by any chance are you planning on going to the Happy Hours next Tuesday? I am still debating, would love to meet some other bloggers in Chicago! :-)


    • STATEMENT/scene

      Hey Nancy, great to hear from you! I will be at the happy hour – hope to see you there!

  • Nadia

    Love the HYDE Embellished Sandals! I have a similar pair from Aldo that I need to upgrade and those look promising…

    • Buffettgirl

      I got confused in the other thread. Mind your own fucking business you cunt.

  • Justine Gershak

    I love all of these options! I can’t get enough of sandals- especially when it finally warms up in Chicago.

    • STATEMENT/scene

      The warm weather can’t come soon enough! Honestly I would take any kind of open toed shoes at this point because I worn my snow boots for 6 months straight!