Sequins and Stripes For Work Or Play

anntaylor jacketRemember back in college when you could easily squeeze in a nap between skipping class and going out circa midnight? Yeah, that probably doesn’t happen for you anymore. These days it’s a lot of suffering through an eight (but probably more like 10) hour day, then dragging yourself to happy hour, sucking down some house red and retreating home to sweatpants and glorious bralessness.

The point of all this? If you don’t have time to go home, you don’t have to change into a cute little “going out” outfit and apply a smoky eye or curl your hair or whatever. The solution to this, of course, is to wear a something that looks professional enough for work but interesting enough for an outing. Also, always stash a red lipstick and your go-to concealer in your bag. That helps.

I don’t often shop at Ann Taylor. I work in a creative industry, so wearing a leather jacket and pair of statement heels is not only okay for the workplace, it’s actually more in line with corporate culture than going with, say, a tweed jacket and pair of trousers. (Okay, fine. I work from home, my ‘dress code’ includes elastic waistbands and things I steal from my boyfriend’s closet)

Regardless, I was walking down Michigan Avenue today when an item in the store’s window caught my eye. It was (obviously) the black-and-white striped jacket pictured above. I’m a sucker for anything striped. Add sequins to the mix and yeah, I’m completely on board. The cut of this jacket isn’t really my thing at all (I prefer a boyfriend blazer in most cases) but it’s sort of exactly what makes inspired this post. The boxy cut is pretty much what you imagine when you think “work-appropriate.” The stripes are also traditional enough for most workplaces but the sequins are unexpected. They add flair. If you can get away with rocking this at work, you totally should. Pair with some a black silk tank, pumps and wide-leg black pants(keep them high-waisted for maximum figure flattering) for a look that works whether you’re behind the desk or in front of the bar. I’d personally grunge this up a little  this for a night out with beat-up boyfriend jeans and some pointy-toe pumps. It’s on sale for just $70.

Get it here. Image via Ann Taylor

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