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How cool are these open-toe booties?

I randomly saw a picture of them online and knew I needed to have them – everything about them, from the perforated leather to the zipper detail, was just exactly what I was needing in my life. I was pretty shocked when I saw that they were from Nine West. I don’t think I’ve been inside a Nine West store since 2002 but apparently I’ve been missing out because these are not only amazing to look at, they’re also insanely affordable right now.

They were originally $129 and I ended up scoring them for under $60 after using a few promo codes and taking advantage of a nice sale. As it turns out, I probably should have waited longer to get them because now they’re only $39. Insane, right?

I love these because they’re so much more flattering than most booties are. At around 5’1″, I have to be careful about booties because some hit my ankle at the wrong place and visually shorten my legs. These have a nice, wide ankle opening (which is incidentally what people are complaining about in the product reviews) and the fact that they don’t ‘fit’ smaller ankles actually makes a lot more flattering than most booties.

If you want to snatch these up (and you totally should!) shop them right here. 

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