Splurge Or Save, Shoe Edition

louboutin lookalike shoes studded black pumps affordable shoes Can you believe it’s already February? We’re finally at that point where it’s completely acceptable to start planning for the spring. For me, that means picking up a few wardrobe essentials to break out when the temps start rising.

If you know me at all you know that I have a shoe weakness. I love both high and low end footwear – I invest in classics but I also like to round things out with a few fun trendy styles that can be scored for less. If you’ve been lusting after Louboutins or Valentino rock stud pumps but don’t want to shell out cash for these super pricey shoes, I suggest picking up on of these affordable dupes instead.


louboutin lookalike shoes studded black pumps affordable shoes


These pumps are dead ringers for the popular Christian louboutin style, aren’t they? I love the studded details and the pop of red on the sole.



affordablr mary jane shoes louboutin replica

If you like the Louboutin Super-Platform Mary Jane pumps you’ll love this similar style in beige or black. 


alexander wang replica shoes white pumps spring shoes



If you like Alexander Wang footwear, you’ll love these heels. They have that same stark, modern feel. These also have a similar look to popular Alexander Wang styles.




If you like Valentino rockstuds, you’ll love these. They are super similar to the popular Valentino style!



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