The Anatomy Of A Halloween Costume

rihanna-redLast night Marie Claire broadcasted this nugget of wisdom to the magazine’s Facebook fans:

“Not to stress you out you out or anything but Halloween is basically tomorrow.”

And while this statement isn’t technically true, it is….kind of true. Since apparently everyone and their mother thinks it’s a good idea to celebrate this coming weekend even though Halloween isn’t till next Thursday, Halloween will pretty much be going down…tomorrow.

I realized this a few days ago and knew I didn’t have much time to devote to a costume – and honestly I’m not someone who gets really charged up about Halloween anyway – so I did what all sensible girls do: I turned to my current wardrobe for costumes ideas. For the record, if you’re someone who buys those prepackaged “sexy” costumes….I think you can do better than that.

I decided to base this year’s look around a certain hat I bought a few months ago. This is definitely not something I’d generally gravitate towards, but when I saw it I just knew I had to have it. I just had a feeling that even though it isn’t something I’d wear in ‘real life,’ it would come in handy at some point. And that point, my friends, has come.

Initially I wasn’t sure what I could do with the hat, but then it hit me: Who is one woman who can make a snapback – or really, anything – look hot, edgy and fashionable at the same time? Obviously the answer to that is Rihanna… or maybe her new roomie Cara Delevingne but I don’t think I’d look so good as a blonde.

I picked up a few pieces for this costume (most notably the wig, which i found at Heads ‘N Threads in Wicker Park for just $27) but most of it was just sort of sitting in my closet. You could make this outfit really scandalous but I prefer to keep it covered up, especially since it’s freezing in Chicago. I’m forgoing one of her performance looks and opting for a Rihanna-street-style-inspired costume. Here’s what I’ll be wearing this weekend.

Red wig: Riri has rocked the eff out of so many hairstyles but I’ve always been partial to the fire-engine red she had going on circa “Only Girl In The World.” I’ve always sort of wondered how I would look as a redhead and while the reality isn’t exactly pretty, it is kind of a fun look. Get one here, here or here. 

Oversized tank: Rihanna has that slightly boyish, tough girl style down pat. I choose this top when I was out costume shopping but while working on this post I found that I actually prefer this one. Maybe I’ll make the switch because I can’t really see myself ever wearing a “Thug Life” shirt again. There are plenty of really cheap tanks that would work like a charm available at Forever 21.

Leather leggings: I just bought a pair of leather shorts that I am obsessed with and I wish they could have worked with this outfit. I tried and it just didn’t like anything Rihana would ever wear, though. I’m going for leather leggings instead – the fact that I’ll be warm is great consolation.

Wedge sneakers: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny that these are the perfect footwear for this costume. Also, they’re absurdly comfortable. I would never shell out for the Isabel Marant version of this trend because it’s such a…trend. If you’d rather get the sneaks for less too, these would work. So would these. I’ll be wearing these.

Hoop earrings: I’m not a hoop earring person at all but I thought these were kind of cool. Maybe I’ll actually wear them even after Halloween is over. Maybe.

Hat: Obviously I’m going with the “BAD” snapback, which seems to be sold out. Don’t worry, though: There are plenty of cool  options which are still available. 

Red lipstick: Oh, come on. I know you’ve already got this step covered. Extra points if you use MAC’s Riri Woo.

And there you have it. A super easy, cheap, and (hopefully) cool costume. Want to use this post as inspiration and dress up as Rihanna too? Feel free. I promise I won’t mind….just as long as you Tweet or Instagram me a picture of your look @Zarhus.

Image via E Hair Experts.


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