The Easiest DIY Keychain


I lost my keys last weekend (standard) and after making a few phone calls, doubling checking my coat pockets and retracing my steps, I bit the bullet and bought a new set. Unfortunately, the new set didn’t come on a ring – just two little keys and one building fob in a  little brown envelope.

I’m obviously not great at keeping track of my keys as it is, so I knew I couldn’t just carry them around like that. I probably would’ve bought myself a keychain under normal circumstances, but it’s offing COLD in Chicago (those of you who are saying we’re having a post-polar vortex “heat wave” because it’s all of 21 degrees now…just stop.) I’d rather just rummage around my apartment and find a makeshift keychain than walk to Bloomingdales for a new one.

Enter this DIY idea. I feel a little silly calling this a ‘DIY’ because there isn’t really much doing involved. It’s more the idea that’s worth mentioning. I knew I could just shove a ribbon through the holes of all three keys, but that wouldn’t be very interesting, would it? Instead I took to my jewelry box, selected a bejeweled hair tie, untied the knot at the end of it and strung the keys before retying. It isn’t fancy but I think it’s cute. It’s certainly cheaper than buying a keychain (which you’ll likely lose at some point anyway) and a little bit more creative. The best part, though is the color. The neon yellow is so much easier to spot among the sea of loose coins in my bag.

bejeweled_hair_tie pretty_hair_tie cute_keychain


Like this  hair tie? Get similar ties at Anthropologie.

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