The Season’s Must-Have Shoe


When I was young my mom used to bring me hot water bottles every time I had any kind of ache or pain. I would press one against my back, my stomach, my legs, even my head for almost instant relief. There’s something so comforting about the heat from the bottle…let’s just say I use mine once a month (at the very least.)

Back in the day, you’d have to unscrew the top of the water bottle, pour boiling water in, and often wait for it to cool to a temperature that’s comfortable against bare skin, which wasn’t always the most convenient way of going about it. Enter the modern, microwavable version. My mom came to the rescue (again!) a few years ago when she found me some lavender-scented microwave-safe bags that make soothing any soreness or cramping easier than ever. I pretty much thought these were the best things ever….until I discovered heated booties.

The premise of heated footwear is pretty much the same as those hot water bottles. You stick a pair in the microwave for two minutes and when you pull them out they release a lavender scent and get all toasty. Slipping these on after a long day outside is heavenly. I always say that the best thing about the winter is how great it feels when you finally get home and get comfy. These shoes really elevate that. They’re like house slippers on crack (if crack is incredibly warm and comforting. I wouldn’t know.)

There are downsides to this product. One, after they’ve gone through the microwave a few too many times, the lovely lavender aromatherapy gives way to a slightly, funky, burnt smell. Small price to pay. The other downsides are a little more problematic: For one, they’re pretty hard to walk around in (cooking/cleaning in these might be out of the question) so I’d really suggest putting these on and them taking to the couch for a while (then again, it’s winter, what else would you be doing?) They also tend to cool down pretty quickly, which is kind of sad. Still, a few precious moments of toasty feet is better than nothing.


Here’s where you can find them. (Not all are scented)

Nordstrom. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Gardeners. Amazon. White Flower Farm.

Image via Nordstrom.

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