These Fall Colors Are Nailing It


I’ve been going through a dangerous phase recently, one that involves obsessing over nail polish, wanting to switch out my mani everyday and – here’s the dangerous part – spending hours drooling over the color selection at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue. As much as I love the mixed mani thing, it does encourage an insane amount of nail polish lust, especially since my recently fixation with gradient manis makes me want to buy five slight variations  of the same color.

The one positive about my recent nail polish kick? I’ve tried on tons of colors in the past few weeks, which means I feel qualified to make a list of some fantastic fall colors for your viewing pleasure. Have a recommendation to add to the list? Tell me about it in the comments.

  • Deborah Lippmann ‘Rolling In The Deep:’ Navy is a gorgeous color, but when it comes to a navy mani things can get tricky. Buy a shade that’s too dark and it just looks black, go too light and it has more of that trendy look you get from an electric blue. This Lippmann version is a true navy and the finish is stunning and thick. I like this one as a classic mani. No accent nail, no glitter top coat, just a sleek, dark, classic navy on all ten digits.
  • Marc Jacobs ‘Evelyn:’ I love a good gray nail. American Apparel’s ‘Mouse’ used to be my go-to (it looked like a true gray on me but it can register more taupe as well) until I literally used up my entire bottle. Now the MJ version is on my list: It’s a straight-up, opaque gray that would look really amazing with a silver accent nail.
  • American Apparel, ‘Port:’ Speaking of AA polishes, this burgundy from the brand best known for producing solid colored things is so pretty. It’s a rich, vampy shade that looks sort of like an oxblood/true red hybrid. This looks great on the toes.
  • Chanel,’Black Pearl:” I’m not quite sure how to describe this shade – it could be black, gray, blue or green depending on how you look at it – but I know that after I tried this on, I could not stop looking at my nails. It’s just so interesting. I don’t actually own this one but it is on my list. It would make a killer accent color.
  • YSL, ‘Beige Gallery: This is the color you wear for job interviews, first dates, family functions, etc. throughout any season. It’s beautiful and classy and neutral, the kind of shade that goes with any outfit. When it comes to nail polish, I suggest investing in high quality formulas for a good red, a solid base coat and a perfect neutral. This is definitely the latter.
  • Clinique, ‘Indie Rock:’ Clinique polishes are specially formulated for sensitive skin, which is awesome, but I’m more concerned with how pretty this shade is. It’s a great bronzey-brown with disinct purple undertones. I love the contrast between the depth of the brown and the brightness of the purple.
  • Ginger and Liz, ‘Unconditional Love:’ This shade comes recommended straight from the G+L team, so you know it’s a good one. It’s billed as a “pistachio/colonial green,” a bit lighter than what you’d probably imagine when you think of fall colors, but still perfect. It’s a fresher take on the mint green trend that everyone started loving a while ago and I think this would look great mixed up with a good gray polish. “Unconditional Love” on one hand, “Evelyn” on the other? So cool. I need this shade ASAP.
  • Deborah Lippmann, ‘Fake It Till You Make It:’ Lippmann polishes are the holy grail of glitter. ‘Happy Birthday’ is my all-time favorite for a good sparkly look (true to its name, it’s a great birthday color) but this shade is a more subtle way to get glitzy. Flecks of red and green glitter are embedded into this gold formula, giving it an interesting texture and beautiful look. Unlike many glitter polishes, this is opaque if you use 2-3 coats.
  • Ginger and Liz, ‘Tough Luxe:’ I’m obsessed with all things army green…and when you add some gold shimmer into the mix, like the G+L girls did with this shade, the love only intensifies. This shade is going to take me through Winter – it’s dark without being drab. I especially love it underneath a coat of…
  • Butter London, ‘Jack The Lad:’ Surprisingly this was my first experience using a Butter nail color and I’m already hooked. This opaque shimmer is an insanely gorgeous blend of turquoise, green and old, pretty on its own but out-of-this-world amazing when layered over ‘Tough Luxe.’ The combo is so synergistic: The darker G+L color adds intensity; the Butter shade makes it vibrant. Try this duo – you won’t regret it.

What are some of your favorite fall nail colors? I’m loving grays, greens and glitters, in case that’s not obvious from this list. If you’re anything like me (sick of the ring-finger-accent-mani) try this: Use both your ring finger and pinky as accent nails. I love using two shades in the same color family, but with totally different textures. For example, a matte gold on the first three fingers, a glittery bronze on the other two. Do you have a favorite mixed mani combo? Shoot them my way.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my review of this amazing polish (which I’m wearing right now.)

Image via No Army Can Stop An Idea. 

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