Valentine’s Day Style Guide, Grown Up Edition

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means you’re probably busy picking out your best red skirt – you know, the one that looks good(ish) with your pink top. Maybe you’re even out shopping for a new pair of red shoes to round out the ensemble. And you’re definitely selecting a red-and-pink-striped hair bow for the occasion.

…If you’re in fourth grade.

I have nothing against people who wear red and/or pink on V-day. I’m obviously a fan of playing dress up…and I may or may not have given my friends Disney Princess cards well into my teen years. But I’m also a grown up now, or so I tell myself…and  wearing a frilly little red-and-pink number just seems a little juvenile, even though that kind of thing is perfectly acceptable in light of the holiday.

I’m not saying I’ll wear all black everything on Friday – although, let’s be real. It’s me; I probably will.  I actually have a pink dress that may make its way out of hiding for the holiday. But here’s where my head is regarding holiday-themed dressing: If you’re going to do it, do it creatively. Take, for example, the People Magazine Style Council, Valentine’s Day edition. While most of the celebrities who weighed in about V-day style mentioned the usual suspects (red dresses, red lips, red shoes, blah blah blah), the answers that stood out me came from Kourtney Kardashian and Jamie Chung. Neither woman is totally eschewing the Valentine’s Day style profile – Kourtney incorporated some red into her outfit last year and Jamie is going to go for a romantic hair style – but they’re also both mentioning edgier items like leather jackets. The moral of the story? A leather jacket is always a good idea. The other moral of the story? Mix it up a bit this V-day.

Toe the line by adding a subtle hit of red/pink to your outfit. Whether you want to keep it under wraps by wearing some festive lingerie or be a little more up front about it and go for a red and pink mixed mani, you just may find some inspiration above. My favorite way to do it? With a good lipstick. Treat yourself to a tube of Tarte Lipsurgence in ‘Fiery’ if you’re feeling red or ‘Charmed‘ if you prefer pink. They’re some of the most moisturizing colors out there – perfect for this awful weather. Even the names of these colors feel Valentine’s Day appropriate – though not overly so – which is exactly how I like it.

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  • Nadia

    Great advice–couldn’t figure out how to accessorize my black/white romantic paisley dress for dinner. Leather jacket & pink lipstick–duh!