What The Olsen Twins Can Teach Us All About Style.

578x709-mary-kate-and-ashley-_zpsf7100f03You may not be into their aesthetic, which admittedly borders on bizarre sometimes, but Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have some pretty serious fashion cred. They’ve been hailed as fashion icons, not necessarily because they always look fabulous – because let’s face it, sometimes they don’t – but because they’ve cultivated signature styles that are both daring and recognizable.

You also need to take into account that these aren’t girls who are wearing the same stuff that everyone else is. You won’t see a bandage dress or Louboutin Biancas (although guilty, I totally just splurged on the latter) on these girls. They march to the beat of their own proverbial drums, and that’s what separates the fashionphiles from the fashion icons. My take on Olsen style? They do a lot of things that are very fashionable, they just maybe do a little too much of it. Still, I believe that embracing your inner Olsen will make you an edgier, more sophisticated dresser. Get started with these tips:

Seek out shapes: Nix the skintight numbers and opt instead for pieces that have tons of shape and drapery. Cheapie fashion is about things that hug your body, high fashion is about pieces that act as the art that hangs off of it. It’s obviously harder for the average girl to get true high-end, beautifully shaped pieces, but this mantra will help you approach the look: Oversized is underrated.

Layer it up: Notice how you never see an Olsen in jeans and a t-shirt? They always go for the unusual choice, and often you can’t even distinguish what they’re actually wearing. It may seem a little out there but layering tons of pieces helps you stand out from the crowd and gives your wardrobe infinite possibilities. Try adding vests, jackets, scarves, etc to your go-tos for a more interesting look.

Figure out a look and commit to it: Even its the homeless/chic thing, MK and A always evoke something with their outfits. Sometimes they go full-tilt with the grunge; other times they look more boho. Build your outfits around certain moods, eras or genres to achieve this.

Don’t let your body type limit you: These girls are super petite and I know from experience that short girls often hear that they should avoid maxi dresses and too much fabric….which are two staples in the twins’ wardrobes. If something appeals to you, figure out a way to make it work. Two words: High. Heels.

Make it look effortless: Whether you tuck in a little part of your shirt or leave your hair messy, find a way to make it look like you didn’t put much thought into your outfit because that’s what cool girls do. I have to give these ladies credit – they manage to wear heels like, all the time, even when they’re just walking around on the street or whatever, and still look like they didn’t put too much thought into it. It’s an art.

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